Company Policy

Conduct. Even though you may be physically working at a client's office, you are a representative of Kennedy Personnel Services (KPS). As such, you must conduct yourself in a professional and business-like manner at all times. Failure to do so will be grounds for termination.

Attendance. Our contract with our clients requires that our representatives report for work every scheduled day. If you are not at work, at any time for any reason, it is mandatory that you call our office, as well as your job site supervisor. You must obtain the name of the person you spoke with about your absence, as this is necessary even if your supervisor has approved said absence. If your absence is due to a legitimate medical reason, you must submit a doctor's note within 3 days of said absence. Failure to do so is grounds for termination and may jeopardize your unemployment eligibility. If you do not report to work and/or contact us we will assume you have voluntarily quit and will remove you from our active roles. Excessive absenteeism/lateness for ANY reason is considered gross misconduct and will result in termination and removal from our active roles.

Availability. When you complete an assignment it is your responsibility to contact our office for continued work EVERY DAY. If you do not CALL IN FOR WORK EVERY DAY by 3:00 pm, we will assume that you have voluntarily quit and will remove your name from our active roles. In addition, you must keep an active working phone number on file with our office so that we can reach you. We are a staffing agency and must be able to fill job orders immediately. If we cannot reach you on the same day, you will be considered inactive. If you do not complete your assignment or give proper notice, we will assume that you have voluntarily quit and will remove your name from our active files. If you are removed from the active files, you will not be re-assigned. If your assignment ends and you do not contact KPS to request additional work within seven (7) days, you may not be eligible for unemployment.

Payroll. Weekly paychecks will be mailed on Thursdays or direct deposited on Friday, provided we receive a properly completed time sheet every Monday following week's end. It is extremely important that you fax and mail your time sheet each and every Friday so that your paycheck can be processed in a timely fashion. Failure to do so may cause you to miss the deadline and will delay your check until the following pay period. If you cannot send your time sheet, through no fault of your own, call our office at (410) 659-5300 on Friday evening before you leave your job site, and we will tell you how to proceed in order to avoid any delays. Your final paycheck will be given to you in person during your exit interview.

Address Changes. It is your responsibility to notify KPS immediately in writing of any address changes. We are not responsible for any paychecks or W-2's mailed to the wrong address. There is a $35 bank charge for any stop payments and a $15.00 fee for W-2 reprints.

Company Property. It is your responsibility to return all company property (keys, tools, ID badges, uniforms etc) at the completion of the job assignment. Should you neglect to return the company property; the value of those item(s) will be deducted from your final paycheck.

Injury. If you sustain a "job related" injury while performing your job, notify our office immediately, we will evaluate your situation and refer you to the proper facility. We have our own medical facility and do not pay any bills for injuries not evaluated by our physicians. We do not pay for any personal sickness, hospitalization or lost wages.

Employment Verification. All of your personal information is kept confidential. If you wish us to provide information relative to you, to a third party (social services, lenders, etc.) you must provide us with a signed consent to release information form, a form requesting the specific information needed, along with a stamped self-addressed envelope. We will complete the form and mail the information directly to the third party in the envelope provided. Please allow thirty (30) days.

Termination. The following will be considered "gross misconduct" and will be grounds for termination

  1. Gives misinformation on their employment application regarding education, past work history or criminal background
  2. Has poor attendance and/or is constantly late or taking time off for personal business
  3. Loss of reliable transportation which results in lateness/attendance problems
  4. Calls out of work for medical reasons and does not provide medical documentation within 2 business days.
  5. Does not call KPS when asking for time off or to notify when arriving late to work
  6. Is a "no show" or "no call" to KPS while on assignment
  7. Walks off job
  8. Fails to follow supervisor's instruction, has an altercation with coworkers or exhibits unprofessional behavior/language.
  9. Harasses employees of KPS or client.
  10. Appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs while or otherwise inappropriate conduct while on company/client property
  11. Tests positive for illegal drugs or alcohol
  12. Refuses to submit to random drug or alcohol test within 2 hours of being notified
  13. Does not make quotas when required by client
  14. Commits fraud and/or steals from client/company

Exit Interview. Whenever your assignment ends, you are required to contact our office to schedule an in person exit interview. Your final paycheck will be provided to you at that time.

Fees. To avoid any financial obligation on your part, do not approach our client about being placed on their payroll. If someone approaches you, contact our office and we will make the necessary financial arrangements with the client. A waiver letter will be sent to you, thereby making the client responsible for any fees and not you. Be sure you have a copy of the waiver letter before going on our client's payroll. If you continue to work at our client's location, prior to receiving a waiver, you will be responsible for the client's fee payment, which is 20% of your first year's salary.



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