Rookie Report: My Introduction to the Staffing Industry

For over 40 years, Kennedy Services has called a historic building nestled amid Baltimore City home. This small family-owned woman-run business exudes so much love and care for both their internal and external employees and truly impacts everyone who encounters them. 

I joined Kennedy Services in August, and in just a few short months, I have seen the business expand rapidly. Not only has there been growth in the team with the addition of a new recruiter, but there has also been growth into new states. Our team has been working diligently to provide talented candidates for companies in need across the United States. I have seen the team rally together to work on projects with tight deadlines and to provide support when an employee is in need. 

Growing up in Maryland I have grown to love and appreciate the small businesses that are located throughout the state. Going to a college located just outside Baltimore helped introduce me to just how many local businesses there are in the city. Many of these local businesses support one another, and Kennedy Services is no different. Kennedy Services has worked with Maryland school systems to find hard-working employees to fill integral positions in the community. Not only has this allowed students and faculty to go back to school safely, but it has also allowed for life to begin again. 

As I have learned more about the people I work with, I see Kennedy’s impact. One coworker shared how he was first an external employee and earned the opportunity to work as an internal employee. He told me that he owes everything to the company for believing in him and seeing all the potential he possesses. Even the Director of Recruiting initially interviewed for an external position over ten years ago. Kennedy not only sees the best in people but helps them to reach their career goals. These are a few internal stories, but the success stories are everywhere. 

I have received and overheard countless phone calls from current employees stating how thankful they are that we advocated for them and provided opportunities they had no idea existed. I have had personal experience applying for countless jobs and never even getting a phone call back. Kennedy Services believes that everyone has something to offer, and we will do our best to highlight those qualities to clients. Kennedy recruiters delve deeper than what is written on a resume; we get to know the individual and what qualities they can bring. We also realize that life happens, and Kennedy is always ready to advocate for a strong employee. 

Throughout covid, everyone has had to make changes to how they live life. Kennedy has efficiently and effectively worked virtually to keep clients, candidates, and our staff safe. This change has increased our ability to meet with people without reliable transportation to get to a job interview and people who have kids at home without childcare. We also have facilitated virtual meetings between clients and candidates. All of these processes have extended our reach to provide more opportunities to more people. 

In 2022, I can see us accelerating the process from initial interview to hiring, increasing the employees that get taken permanent, opportunities for business in multiple states, and simply improving our quality of work. Being able to adapt as a company shows that there is no limit to the company’s possibilities, and the growth has just begun.  

Helen Mohan is a proud member of the Kennedy Services family. Kennedy Services is one of Maryland’s oldest independent, woman-owned staffing services, located in the heart of Baltimore City.