Certified MBE

Kennedy Services is a woman-owned Minority Business Enterprise, certified by the State of Maryland (MDOT), City of Baltimore and State of Virginia. We have been providing the public and private sectors with staffing solutions for more than 40 years, making us one of the oldest independent staffing companies in the region. Additionally, we have been specializing in MBE contract fulfillment for more than a decade. Our vast experience and success within staffing and more specifically within MBE contract fulfillment allows us to assist organizations in navigating the associated requirements and methods of compliance without interfering with their core business or detracting from their bottom line.


Temporary Employees

We can supplement workforces without exposing companies to the costs, liability and commitment of hiring permanent employees, all while enabling our clients to receive MBE credit for labor expenses which are already a cost of doing business.

Direct Hire Employees

Our resources and connections provide companies with the permanent talent they need to successfully staff their projects, allowing them to simultaneously fulfill their MBE goals and maximize their bottom line.

Payroll Options

Companies can also achieve MBE credit when Kennedy processes your payroll, including gross payroll and payroll expenses!


We have enjoyed a long and successful tenure thanks to our ability to honor our commitments and deliver solutions that improve the organizations with whom we partner. If you are in need of an MBE partner that has the knowledge and resources to help your company succeed, contact us today.