Mother’s Day is Special for a Woman-Owned Staffing Company

I have mentioned that times like these are where people need to hold tight to their values to get them through. Our values help to define who we are, and we seek to connect with other people who share these values. As consumers, we also search to align ourselves with companies with similar values. Most importantly, we work for companies that reflect these values. My values were instilled in me by my mother and grandmother, so in many ways, Kennedy Services just fits for me. Kennedy Services is one of Maryland’s oldest independent, woman-owned staffing services. I’ve been around strong women my entire life. Why would I stop now?

Sunday is Mother’s Day, as we approach another holiday socially distanced from the ones we love, it is important to recognize the impact mothers had on our lives. I thought a good way of doing this would be to connect the values shared between Kennedy and myself.

APPRECIATE – We will appreciate every opportunity to serve our customers and each other. 

This value aligns well well with my mother’s motto, “choose happiness.” Appreciation is so important in a service-related industry and is often forgotten on the road to success. Our internal workforce has doubled since the time that I started with Kennedy, but our personal touch remains the same. Appreciation to Kennedy means we will not forget where we came from and the people that were dedicated to us along the way. It is easy to be appreciative when your job is connecting great people to great jobs working for great companies.

EXCELLENCE – We will strive for superior performance in every aspect of what we do.

We debated on including this one, because doesn’t every company strive for excellence? It came down to our definition of excellence, which we believe separates us from the pack. Excellence to Kennedy Services means we go above and beyond for our clients. To me, excellence is defined by the little known quote, “successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do.” How many of you have received an email from me after typical business hours? That is our quest for excellence.

INSPIRE – We will work to inspire others to overcome obstacles and achieve goals.

My colleagues well know me for my impassioned speeches. A crowd favorite is the story of how Joe Flacco took a bet on himself when he transferred from Pitt to a lesser football school in the University of Delaware, which ended in him being a Super Bowl champion. I truly believe in the staffing industry and am passionate about helping our employees and business partners grow. I always say that I pass about 50 other agencies on my way to work, but there is only one Kennedy Services. 

PERSEVERANCE – We are committed to meeting your needs no matter what it takes.

This value was originally titled, “Goonies never say die,” but I was quickly reminded that not everyone had seen that classic movie. Perseverance was my mom going to night school for ten years to earn her bachelor’s degree. Perseverance has been a necessity during this pandemic. The Kennedy team has been working harder than ever to ensure our employees have a source of income to support their families. We appreciate (there’s that word again) our partners that assisted us in creating these opportunities. We really are getting through this together.

RESPECT – We will respect your needs and concerns.

The strength of the women I know garnered respect. In turn, we respect your history and the work you’ve put in to build your company. As a staffing company, we know that a company’s biggest asset is its people. We listen to you to develop strategies that address your needs and concerns, allowing you to grow.

TEAMWORK – We will be engaged and collaborative, keep others informed, and work to achieve our common goals.

Kennedy Services was a family endeavor and remains a family-owned and operated company. My grandma was the most loyal person I have ever met. She would do anything for the people in her life. That whatever it takes attitude reminds me of the “Kennedy Way,” which means that no one is too big or too small to take on a particular role. We all wear many hats and dedicate ourselves to the other team members. This mindset is why we often refer to the people we work with as business partners. Your goals become our goals, and we work together to accomplish them.

I want to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to the Kennedy women that built this amazing company. I want to wish the real MVP, my mother, a happy mother’s day. Without her, the Kennedy’s and I may have never crossed paths.

Mom and I with the kids

Matt Sarant is a proud member of the Kennedy Services family. Kennedy Services is one of Maryland’s oldest independent, woman-owned staffing services, located in the heart of Baltimore City. Kennedy Services continues to partner with businesses to support their growing staffing needs. We remain open and are working hard for our essential workers, as well as people without jobs.